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Fire Mitigation
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So what's your fire mitigation
Warehouses store most, if not
With over twenty-five years experience
We can install an affordable
Even with a well designed

Of course, you should always enforce the 'obvious' fire prevention measures as well.

• Appropriate fire protection 'tools',
• Fix faulty electrical systems
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all sales and services provided by O'Connor Properties of Louisville and Shephersville Kentucky Fire Mitigation

How do you engineer your fire suppression system to quickly activate once a fire starts? Also, how would you reliably and economically 'retrofit' your existing pallet racking structures?

Warehouses store most, if not all, of a business’ goods ready for sale or distribution. Because they have such an important function any warehouse disaster, especially a fire, can potentially not only shut down the warehouse, but the business' who have trusted them for safe storage.

Neglecting to shield your warehouse against fire means you could be sealing your business’ fate. As an owner, manager or warehouse operator, do not let all your hard work go up in smoke. Not only do you need to adhere to industry standards for fire protection . . . but you need to have the best system for AFTER the fire starts.

And that's where we come in!

With over twenty-five years experience in pallet racking structures, we’ve seen a LOT of ‘unexpected’ and serious failures. And some of the absolute worst, were fires! We can install an affordable 'retrofit' system that will help direct the heat from an emerging fire to activate your sprinkler system more quickly.

Even with a well designed sprinkler system, if you haven’t configured your racking to properly direct the heat from an emerging fire to your sprinkler heads, those sprinklers won’t open until the fire has spread beyond control.

We have techniques to help keep this from happening. And can even retrofit them on existing pallet racking structures. Call us and we'll explain.

Not only could our enhanced safety features result in lower insurance rates, but customer satisfaction could increase as they know their inventory is safer when stored in your facility.

• Appropriate fire protection 'tools', in adequate quantities, and 'spaced' at multiple locations throughout your warehouse for quick access.

• Inventory storage arrangements to minimize overcrowding and make all areas accessible to fire equipment.

• Keep electrical switches and heating equipment at safe distances.

• Fix faulty electrical systems IMMEDIATELY and adhere to frequent inspection intervals.

• Using portable heaters should be avoided. They can easily be moved to 'unauthorized' locations. 'Fixed' heating systems are by far the safest.

• Always keep you facility clear of trash.

• And of course, NO SMOKING!

Often, fires start as the result of 'bad' operational habits!

"We buy, sell, trade, and service pallet Rack systems